BIRetail, backed by the Microstrategy BI platform, simplifies Reporting for the end Business User.
The product is intuitive and allows quick means to data discovery and visualizations.


BIRetail houses three product variants in its comprehensive BI Suite, which derives from the combination of the building blocks of any BI System, viz. the User Reporting Layer, the Datawarehouse and the OLAP Cube Layer.

Self Service BIR
Connect Multiple Data Sources

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Managed BIR
Cross Functinal Analysis
Pre Aggregated Value Metrics

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Optimized BIR
Blazing Performance
Industry Use Cases

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Each of the above products have incremental value-addition and the Product Suite is well-engineered to allow Retailers to adopt a Phased Approach of BI Implementation. It is recommended to start with SS-BIR. Over time, graduate to Managed-BIR, and finally go enterprise with Optimized-BIR.

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About Us

BIRetail is a niche Retail Analytics Product and Services company. We are passionate about Retail and Business Transformation through the use of Data Analytics. This makes us exemplary at what we do, a result of which is evident in our Products and Services we provide, and testimonial to which is the appreciation of our esteemed customers.

Our Products are business solutions, which lend immense value because of the domain consulting thrown in.

Our BI Engine is driven by Microstrategy, the industry leader in Data Analytics.

Talk to us, and let’s collectively bring a difference to your business.

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Call us at: +91 80 43 010 010

Head Office: 33, Millers Tank Bund Road, Bangalore 560052, India

Partner offices: UK, USA, UAE

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