Finally, a guaranteed RoI from Analytics!

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What do we do?

BIRetail is a Guarantor of Success from your Retail Analytics! We provide a path to assured and measurable Business Benefits from Analytics.

Our Retail-ready product Optimized-BIR packages the entire technology stack of an Enterprise-grade BI. Additionally, Optimized-BIR packages industry best practices for Retail Analytics, which provides accelerated business benefits.  Read More

Besides this, our Technology Consulting Services aids Retailers with existing BI technologies, to unleash true value achievable from BI and Analytics.  Read More


How do we guarantee Success?

Every BI tool provides fancy visuals of your data… So do we! But dashboards and drill-through capabilities alone do not solve business problems.  It’s more about knowing WHAT to analyse, and HOW to derive inference from the Analysis. And finally, it’s about ensuring that appropriate ACTION is taken based on the learnings. It is only such Actions, which can ultimately bring about intended improvements.

BIRetail’s proprietary TransactiveAnalytics is a fine-tuned process blending REACTIVE, PREDICTIVE and PRESCRIPTIVE Analytics to result in a “Transaction”.

Finally, here’s a guaranteed RoI for Retailers from their BI Investment. Read More


Manu Chatlani, Chairman - Soch Apparels

Solai Saktival, Head of Merchandising - Spar Hypermarkets.

L. Visalakshi, CFO - Indian Terrain Fashions

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About Us

BIRetail is Business Transformation enabler for Retailers, through pragmatic actionable deployment of BI and Analytics technologies, and making a measurable difference to Business Operations.

Our Products are business solutions, which lend immense value because of the industry Best Practices in Retail Analytics that are in-built into the product. Further, our BI Consulting services implement practical and actionable processes at your organization, advising on methods to consume this intelligence and derive business benefit.

Our BI Engine is driven by Microstrategy, the industry leader in Data Analytics.

Talk to us, and let’s collectively bring a difference to your business. Read More


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