BIRetail empowers retailers to make quicker and informed decisions, through inferences of their own data.

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BIRetail is Business Transformation enabler for Retailers, through pragmatic actionable deployment of BI and Analytics technologies, to make a measurable difference to Business. This is achieved through a blend of our own Retail-ready BI Product and a plethora of Retail Consulting Services.

The Founding Team of the company drives thought-leadership in the Retail Domain. BIRetail’s products and solutions are relevant and fitting to the industry because we think “Retail” first. It is our ability to articulate the problems of the industry, and ponder deeply on how to solve such problems. Thereafter, we use Technology merely as a medium to deliver the solution.

We Guarantee RoI From Analytics

BIRetail is not merely a technology platform, but a Retail-ready Decision Support System. It provides Best Practices in Retail Analytics through ready Uses cases, solving common Retail problems through Data.

BIRetail’s Enterprise-grade BI implementation has a GO LIVE cycle in only 3 weeks. This stems from streamlined processes of Data Mapping and Integration, Our Retail-specific Datawarehouse & OLAP Architecture ensure that Retailers see business value from Day #1.
We recognize that reliable and accurate data is non comprisable. Hence, we define “GO LIVE” only upon achieving a Data Accuracy of 99.90%.

BIRetail captures and maintains all data at the lowest granular level, literally on each item level on every bill. Even at this volume of data, we assure an “Under 7 seconds” Performance for standard cubes and reports.

Daily Data refresh is automated during the implementation. This ensures refreshed data is available every morning, with zero inaccuracies, and without any human intervention.

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