BIRetail empowers retailers to make quicker and informed decisions, through inferences of their own data.



Learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t live long enough to make them all yourself!

BIRetail does not merely throw out data – it helps navigate to the Root Cause of the problem, and provides Inferences that are direct ‘Call to Action’ to repair and prevent recurrence of the issue.

Root Cause Analysis

By identifying issues in the Reports does not make the business any better for a Retailer. While discovering a problem is half the battle won, however the other half still needs to be fought. A problem identification still needs to go through a natural process flow, for it to make any tangible difference to the business.

When an issue is discovered, Retailers use the smart cubes of BIRetail to follow a guided path of “discovery” to narrow down on the Root Cause. Even when the root cause of the problem is identified, based on a multitude of other factors, the action to repair the problem could be different.

BIRetail has in-built capabilities for Retailers to standardize their “inferencing” across such multitude of permutations. Once such rules are configured in BIRetail, the Root Cause Analysis process in BIRetail automatically displays on-screen, the prescribed ‘call to action’ through the decision tree models.

The net takeaway for the Retailer is the prescribed actions to be carried out to resolve the currently analyzed issue.

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