BI Lifecycle

BIRetail Delivers the Entire BI Lifecycle

Adoption of BI is a natural progression of deriving more and more Business Value from the solution over time.

In the BI Journey, users typically start by users being REACTIVE to data. Thereafter is the phase where users recognize the benefit of using information to prevent exception situations and start being PROACTIVE. At the mature stages, strategic BI guides the Retailer to PREDICTIVE usages.

A comprehensive BI Solution suite should take the Retailer through the stages of

  • Reporting
  • Analysis
  • Analytics
  • Forecasting

BIRetail, backed by the powerful Microstrategy BI Platform, is the only BI solution that traverses the journey with the Retailer on a single platform, and is architected to allow the Retailer to take this journey at his own pace, stage by stage.

BI Lifecycle

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