BIRetail empowers retailers to make quicker and informed decisions, through inferences of their own data.

Emerging Technologies For Evolving Retailers

The importance of a CUSTOMER in the Retail business cannot be over-emphasized. Retailers down the ages have discovered innovative techniques to focus on customer acquisition, retention and improving customer servicing. However, Technology is under-rated as a means to enhance the ‘customer’ angle of a Retail business. Technology indulgence most often begins with a perspective to […] Questionnaire

1. How has the retail industry evolved in the past few years in terms of IT? Please list the recent IT developments? The Retail Market is in a state of exponential growth. One needs to see the mushrooming of malls and shopping complexes in the metros and small towns in India to grasp the enormity […]

PC Quest Questionnaire

What are the requirements of client nowadays? (What kind of IT solutions basically customers are demanding) Point-of-Sale systems: More and more retailers in India are seeing value in using software for the regular billing counters. Though the most elementary of IT solutions in the Retail industry, the market for growth of PoS systems is yet […]

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