BIRetail empowers retailers to make quicker and informed decisions, through inferences of their own data.

BIRetail & Microstrategy

BIRetail & Microstrategy sponsor Retechcon 2011: Retechcon 2011, the 7th annual retail technology conclave was an IT enablement event for IT & non IT business solution seekers. This event showcased relevant, cost effective & sustainable technology solutions in diverse business areas for Indian retail industry.. BIRetail presented a session titled “Victorinox’s Secret Revealed: 5 Tips […]

Go Live On Day #1

GO LIVE On Day #1 with Self-Service BIRetail: BIRetail – the industry expert in Enterprise Retail Analytics, now brings the same Power, Accuracy, Performance and Scalability to an INSTANT Self-Service avatar called SS-BIR. Built on top of the industry leader in Enterprise BI platforms, viz. Microstrategy, BIRetail launches a “power packet” version, especially tailored for […]

Spar India Awarded The Best BI Implementation

Spar India awarded the best BI Implementation for BIRetail at the BW-CIO Annual Award 2016: Cloud-based retail BI suite BIRetail, helped Spar India to boost efficiency across departments, resulting in quantifiable business benefits such as: Increased revenue as a result of intelligent Store Mix. Higher Profitability through dynamic Pricing Optimization. Enhanced Customer Retention via smart […]

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