BIRetail empowers retailers to make quicker and informed decisions, through inferences of their own data.

Go Live On Day #1

GO LIVE On Day #1 with Self-Service BIRetail

BIRetail – the industry expert in Enterprise Retail Analytics, now brings the same Power, Accuracy, Performance and Scalability to an INSTANT Self-Service avatar called SS-BIR.

Built on top of the industry leader in Enterprise BI platforms, viz. Microstrategy, BIRetail launches a “power packet” version, especially tailored for Retailers looking for an express solution to their Data Integration and Dynamic Reporting needs.


  • Power, Accuracy, Performance and Scalability in an INSTANT Self-Service avatar.
  • GO LIVE on DAY #1.
  • Freedom from Implementation time and costs.
  • High Business Value at a fraction of investment.
  • Data accuracy as high as 100%.
  • Reporting on REAL TIME data.
  • Merge and Blend data from multiple, dissimilar sources.
  • In-built industry best practices on Retail Analytics, through KPIs, Dashboards and Use Cases.
  • Structured path for scaling the BI Lifecycle from Reactive -> Proactive -> Predictive.
  • Enterprise BI Performance at Self-Service pricing.
BIRetail is a niche Retail Analytics Product and Services company. Over the past 7 years, the product has moved to a position of industry leadership, with it’s unflinching focus of providing Business value through Retail Analytics. We are passionate about Retail and Business Transformation through the use of Data Analytics. This makes us exemplary at what we do, a result of which is evident in our Products and Services we provide, and testimonial to which is the appreciation of our esteemed customers.

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