SAMA – Shopfloor Assistant Mobility App


The CONSUMER today demands an exalted sense of service, and is
uncompromisingly harsh. Hence, on the Shopfloor, the Retailer needs to get it
RIGHT… and get it RIGHT every time!

The SAMA platform is a collation of apps – it is a “digital buddy”
for the Shopfloor Assistant:

– It provides instant information
– It enforces processes as a prescribed workflow
– It serves as a beeper reminder of daily tasks

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Key Features of SAMA

Stock on Hand
SAMA allows the Shopfloor Assistant to scan a product barcode and instantly
view real-time stock status of the product in the store and backroom. It also
displays Selling Trends and In-transit stock expected. This helps deliver
exemplary Customer-facing service.

Picking List
On schedule, SAMA prompts staff to run a Gap Scan. Walking the aisles, staff
scans empty shelves, creating a Picking List at the backroom. A replenishment
trolley is then rolled out with all items scanned, to put back on the shelves.
Items that are not fulfilled are triggered to the Store Managers’ attention. This
brings a disciplined workflow in ensuring constant availability of stock on the shelves.

Hourly Sales Reporting
SAMA produces flash reports, aggregating the hour-to-date and month-to-date Sales
in real-time, benchmarks it against the set targets across the Store or Department,
and highlights the laggards. Since this is generated every hour, it induces proactive
measures to uplift Sales Performance.

Price Change Workflow
SAMA automates the entire Price Change workflow to ensure thoroughness and remove negligence and human error in the process. Peer and superior level alerting brings in the accountability of each staff’s task completion and ensures that the process is completed all through.

Daily Tasks Checklist
SAMA provides a reminder mechanism to various roles on the Shopfloor, to complete their daily activities. Further, peer and superior level alerting brings in the accountability of each staff’s task completion and ensures that the process is completed all through.

Retailer’s benefits from SAMA

Increased Customer Satisfaction Index
The availability of accurate product, availability & promo information instantly leads to exemplary customer satisfaction. Well replenished shelves and Shelf Edge labels dispensing accurate information are a customer’s delight.

Store Sales Improvement
Proactive alert through flash reports and reminders ensure that Store Managers get responsible for their sales target-based KRAs. Due to drastic reduction of stock outs situations same store sales show dramatic improvements.

Meticulous Store Management
Regular conformance to Planograms, periodic audit checks and scheduled process triggers lead to very high standards of Store Management. The trickle-down effect of superior and peer level alerts brings in immense accountability in a workforce that is difficult to discipline due to the sheer diversity.

Efficiency in Operations
Well defined workflows that require a specific sequence of tasks helps to processify mundane activities that are prone to slippage and error. Alerts for incomplete workflows ensures the regimen of duties and responsibilities, which contribute to the success of running the Storefront.

Benefits at a very Low RoI
SAMA brings measurable benefits to the organization, at a very low TCO. The application runs on a near Zero Maintenance Costs, hence the recurring costs are negligible.


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