BIRetail empowers retailers to make quicker and informed decisions, through inferences of their own data.

Products – BIRetail

Products - BIRetail

BIRetail is an integrated cloud-based Data Analytics platform for the Retail industry. For a Retailer, it is an all-in-one solution to enhance business efficiency through effectively harnessing historic data.

Besides the technology platform, BIRetail’s focus is to ensure that the Retailer is empowered with actionable recommendations which lead to quantifiable business benefits. We do not throw data back at the Retailer. We provide tools and techniques to identify causes of problems, and recommend best action to resolve the issue.

BIRetail has a modular architecture, providing Retailers with the ability to pick and choose the components. Being a cloud subscription platform, you only pay for what you use!

Alongside is a brief schematic of BIRetail’s platform architecture with the main components explained.

Components Of Standard BIRetail

BIConnect - the ETL (Extract - Transform - Load) Tool:

BIRetail has a proprietary ETL product called BIConnect, which accelerates the integration of the source data into the BI dat a warehouse. BIConnect is an easy- to-configure tool which makes the ETL process faster. In addition, BIRetail’s matured processes towards multi-source Data Integration ensures a smooth integration and accuracy test for this critical phase of BI.

Retail Datawarehouse (RDW):

BIRetail has an optimized Retail Datawarehouse (RDW), modeled and fine-tuned over 15 years of learning, which has proven to be the backbone of success for rapid implementations of the BI Implementation process. The RDW accommodates for the common data required for standard Analytics for any Retailer, and is yet scalable to build in customized data points for specific retailers.

OLAP Cube Library:

OLAP Cubes are specially curated data bundles, which forms the genesis of all Reports, Dashboards and Recommendation Use Cases, and BIRetail’s library provides instant Business Value addition through this proprietary OLAP Layer and make the platform extremely customizable and self-serviceable.

Enterprise Reporting:

BIRetail is built as a self-service BI platform. Hence, it provides a very user-friendly interface for business users to directly create their own reports and dashboards through a drag-and-drop approach. This allows for adhoc analysis and on-the-fly reporting, without the need to involve the IT Department.

Exception Alerts:

Each saved Report or Dashboard can be scheduled to be sent automatically to the emails of a list of users, based on a variety of schedules that can be configured.

The key feature in such schedules, is the ability for the user to define simple to complex “exception criteria”. At each prescribed schedule, BIRetail will send the Report filtering only the content that meets the defined exception criteria. Thus, the user is not flooded with data which is not relevant for alerts, and only focuses on what is out-of-line.

Industry Best Practices:

BIRetail provides Retail-ready Business Use Cases, harnessing the ‘cumulative intelligence’ of hundreds of Retailers garnered over our years of deep association with the industry. Each of such Retail Use Case addresses an operational or strategic function of a Retailer and is easily configurable for each implementation. The library of  Use Cases is ever expanding, but below is a sample of some such critical functions automated in BIRetail:

OLAP Cube Library

The BIRetail Intelligent Cubes are instrumental in providing the optimized Reporting capabilities of the product, combining the fine-tuned trade-off between flexibility and performance. This OLAP Layer consists of numerous multi-dimensional cubes, which combine appropriate dimensions and measures at varying levels of granularity, to facilitate absolute granular level reporting at all dimensions without compromising the reporting performance.

Industry Best Practices

The library of Use Cases is ever expanding, but below is a sample of some such critical functions automated in BIRetail:

  • Store Operations Analysis.
  • Day of the Week breakdown.
  • Low and Excess Stock Alerts.
  • Basket Analysis.
  • Dying Stock Alerts.
  • Price point recommendations.
  • Markdowns Analysis.
  • Full price Ratio violations.
  • Customer Attrition Alert.
  • Supplier Score-carding.

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