Managed BIR


Managed-BIR complements the value derived from SS-BIR, by adding strategically computed metrics that impart longer-term business value.

Evolving further from the instant analysis of SS-BIR, Managed BIR adds an intermediate layer of a Datawarehouse, which compiles and stores the data from different data sources into a singular composite data repository.

The Datawarehouse enables ability to carry out iterative computation of certain metrics like Age of Stock, Forward Stock Cover, Recency-Frequency-Monetary Value, and many more. Each of such metrics are pivotal towards imparting deeper understanding of the state of the business, for strategic business decisions.

Thus Managed-BIR provides a single product having the agility and power of SS-BIR and the features of strategic BI.

Data integrated into BIRetail’s proprietary Retail Datawarehouse through an administered and automated ETL process

Managed BIR Schematic


An administered Extract-Transform-Load (ETL)

The introduction of a Datawarehouse layer automatically implies that an administered and disciplined data load process has to be implemented.

As a one-time ETL process, all sources of data are mapped to be brought into a single Datawarehouse. Data is extracted from individual such sources, and loaded into the Datawarehouse, with some or no massaging or transformation to the data.

There are Enterprise level rules for architecting this ETL process, and the power of this exercise results in unflinching reliability of the data once it is compiled into the central Datawarehouse.

BIRetail process of implementing Managed BIR will seamlessly hand-hold you through this ETL implementation. Our years of expertise in data reliability ensures that your ETL process is validated in the first iteration, saving tremendous effort and time.

The administered ETL process is configured to auto-start as a batch process once every night. It picks up the incrementally changed data from all the data sources, and smartly that into the Datawarehouse. After the scheduled daily ETL, the process runs batch computation to pre-populate metrics like Age of Stock, Stock Cover, RFM, etc.

Running a schedule daily ETL process has huge advantages in an Enterprise setup, since it prepares the data for analysis upfront during a lean usage time of the day.

BIRetail’s Retail Datawarehouse – Single Version of the Truth

BIRetail has fine-tuned the architecture of its Retail Datawarehouse (RDW) over years of iteration, to make it an optimal balance between flexibility of accommodating any data element of a Retail business, and yet being nimble, agile and super fast.

The semantic of the architecture is what holds immense knowledge from a Retailer’s domain of operation, and pre-building the relationships between data elements, for multi-dimensional provisioning is what lends it immense relevance.

In Managed-BIR, the RDW is the single-portal to access of any information sought through a report or dashboard. Hence this composite Enterprise Datawarehouse serves as a singular source of reporting to every user in the organization. This effects the sublime utopia of “single version of the truth” across all divisions, departments and users.

Having the data pre-compiled, and having pre-computed key metrics available in the RDW further enhance the performance of reporting for the end users.


Featured Benefits of Managed – BIR

  • Instant GO LIVE, within a day
  • Ready connectivity with multitude of data structures
  • Integration and easy data co-relations from multiple sources, using a powerful visual mapping tool
  • Powerful visualization tool providing data discovery and ad-hoc reporting
  • Automatic In-Memory ROLAP Cubes for high performance reporting
  • Collaborate data insights between users
  • Data Integration from multiple sources is more efficient
  • Makes data refresh cycles batch-based during lean business hours, reducing wait time of business users
  • Reporting performance is superior through structured pre-aggregated tables in the DW
  • Cross-functional analysis through Sales, Purchase, Inventory metrics is seamless

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