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Optimized-BIR is the pinnacle of BIRetail’s Enterprise offering, combining all the benefits from Managed-BIR with enhanced performance and accelerated value addition through BIRetail’s Business Use Cases.

Optimized-BIR adds BIRetail’s proprietary OLAP layer, which is a carefully syndicated compilation of multi-dimensional cubes that are performance-optimized. This provides analytical capabilities at multiple times of performance even at medium to large volumes of data. More importantly, each of the OLAP cubes harbour carefully chosen attributes and metrics to lead users through a more guided workflow during their analysis.

Additionally, BIRetail’s deep domain consulting is personified in this product variant, as Best Practices in Retail Analytics through its library of Business Use Cases.

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Pre-configured OLAP Cubes – the power of BIRetail

Being a Retail BI product, Optimized-BIR is the only BI solution which is readily packaged with pre-configured OLAP Cubes specific for Retail Analytics.

And these pre-configured OLAP Cubes are vastly different from the ‘in-memory automated Cubes’ created when reports are generated on the fly. These are wisely crafted and domain-content rich multidimensional meta-data, architected over years of iteration. They are persistent storage multi-dimensional cubes which provide the most optimal balance of performance and flexibility.

Compared to the other product variants of BIRetail, starting any analysis from one of the cubes in the OLAP collection already sets the user at massive benefits. Firstly, since a cube is a subset of the entire datawarehouse, it sets focus on the key attributes and metrics, rather than the whole universe. Secondly, because of its nature of optimization, all pivots, interactions and analysis done using a Cube is at least 10x times faster.

And the OLAP layer is seamlessly stitched together, such that the analysis may lead to fetching data from cubes different from the one started with, oblivious to the user.

BIRetail’s Business Use Cases – Best Practices in Retail Analytics

The BI journey goes beyond reporting on historic data. True value to the business is derived when you turn to your BI solution to help make business better for the present and the future.

Optimized-BIR takes you through this journey from “reactive reporting” to “proactive BI”, through a compilation of “Business Use Cases” packaged within the solution. Each “Use Case” is a template of how to use data-driven decision making for a common operational area for Retailers.

Be it the ability to predict Out of Stock scenarios for items at different stores, or the early detection of loyal customers who are possible “flight risks” – all these are examples of problem solving techniques inspired by Optimized-BIR.

Click here for a complete list of Business Use Cases in Optimized-BIR




Featured Benefits of Optimized – BIR

  • Instant GO LIVE, within a day
  • Ready connectivity with multitude of data structures
  • Integration and easy data co-relations from multiple sources, using a powerful visual mapping tool
  • Powerful visualization tool providing data discovery and ad-hoc reporting
  • Automatic In-Memory ROLAP Cubes for high performance reporting
  • Collaborate data insights between users
  • Data Integration from multiple sources is more efficient
  • Makes data refresh cycles batch-based during lean business hours, reducing wait time of business users
  • Reporting performance is superior through structured pre-aggregated tables in the DW
  • Cross-functional analysis through Sales, Purchase, Inventory metrics is seamless
  • Induces highest returns from the BI investment, because of guided analytics from the “retail relevant” cubes
  • Established Business Value through best practices in Retail Analytics
  • Performance optimized OLAP Layer providing the best of data granularity at instant response times
  • Highest degree of data security and role based information encapsulation

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