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BIRetail is a simple yet extremely powerful Retail BI solution. It provides leading edge technology for the fastest reporting, and yet is intuitive with a zero learning curve for business users to drive their own adhoc reporting.

Any data can be brought into the reports and dashboards, which are created through easy drag and drop functionality, resulting in powerful visualization of data that helps to bring meaningful insights and prompt appropriate action.

BIRetail is available in three product variants as detailed in subsequent sections, but all the product variants have the common base features as explained below.



Anyone can bring in their Data

BIRetail has a powerful data integration tool which allows you to bring in data from a multitude of data sources, without writing a single line of code. No technical assistance is required to collate and compile data.

Further data can be brought in from different and disparate data sources through simplistic drag-drop User Interfaces.

BIRetail has an in-built powerful Data Cleansing utility that helps thrash out data anomalies like mis-spellings, splitting or joining of fields, removal of special characters, etc.

Once data is mapped from a data source, it can be imported as in-memory cubes that can be re-used, not just by the user but also shared by others in the Enterprise

Insightful Reporting for meaningful Action

Create stunning and meaningful dashboards and reports on the fly using the data integrated earlier.

Easy, drag-drop features to create reports and to get insights into a multi-dimensional mode, this helps to convert Data into Information.

BIRetail contains in-built dashboard visualizations that are feature rich, and visually stunning, bringing out the key aspects of a data in a manner which results in insights which are actionable.



Get informed whenever Exception Conditions are triggered 

Configure triggers like “When Sales falls below 25% of Targets” or “When Available Stock is less than 7 days worth of Sales”, and have certain specific formatted reports sent to email whenever such Exception Conditions get triggered.

Besides these, set Scheduled reports coming to your mailbox every Monday morning, or the first of every month.

Create Once, Share with Others

Let the analysis continue through the team!

BIRetail ensures that information can be shared with co-workers in the Enterprise on a need basis. All reporting in BIRetail is shareable with others, but can be secured by specific permissions given by the owner of the report.

Users in an Enterprise can start an Analysis in BIRetail and further share their findings with others. Others can thereafter continue deeper dive analysis from where the first had stopped, to help in problem solving in the most collaborative manner.

Not just reports, but even the data integration done by one user and saved as in-memory cubes, can be shareable for all others to use for their specific reporting. Thus, every user does not need to map data from the same data sources individually.




BIRetail is a speciality Retail Analytics Solution Provider, providing Data Analytics solutions to the Retail industry for almost a decade.

Our expertise in successfully implementing BI for Retailers stems from our years of experience, leading to pluggable components on the BI technology stack. These components in BIRetail’s Solution Stack are:

  • User Reporting Layer
  • Datawarehouse Layer
  • OLAP Cube Layer

Most of the commonly used Retail ERP / POS Solutions, as well as standard database and data structure formats can be integrated with each of the Products Variants in the Suite.

The outputs from the Product (viz., KPIs, Reports and Dashboards) are consumed over a variety of output formats, over the browser, over mobile devices and across Office Productivity software.

Additionally, BIRetail specializes in Value-Add Consulting Services in the Retail Analytics domain.

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