Self Service BIR


Self Service BIRetail (SS-BIR) provides instant BI.

SS-BIR allows business users to get data insights themselves, in a drag-drop manner, creating meaningful reports and dashboards instantly.

Data from any conceivable data source can be brought into the report, with no technical support.

Visualizations of data are rich and lend different interpretations, making the information easily actionable.


Because, answers are required NOW …

Retail business requires making operational decisions every moment. Availability of information culled from past data can provide that edge to such decision making.

At such times, SS-BIR is the key to quickly pull in any past data, from any data source, and quickly drag out reports, carry out instant analysis, drill into details into multiple dimensions.

You can even enrich the reports with secondary data from completely different sources, pivot the findings around a store, or a product category, or even see the trend across months.

All this is possible because SS-BIR is a simple, no-fuss solution requiring zero technical assistance. It is a complete Do It Yourself, for those times when the only one accountable is YOU.

How does SS-BIR work

SS-BIR has a very uncomplicated way of working for the end-user. You directly start with blank report, choose the data to report on, and drag and drop columns and rows into the canvas to paint your own dashboard depicting the information required.

To choose the data, you can either bring in data from any external database, excel or even cloud based data source, or you could even use data which was imported any time earlier by you for another report in the past.

Data is automatically compiled into performance optimized in-memory cubes from which the reporting is driven.

The dashboards can be created as a storyboard of information, delving into different levels of details with each visualization depicted in the storyboard.

Reports and dashboards can be saved as templates for every day use, and the insights from these can also be shared among other users in the organization for collaborative problem solving.


Featured Benefits of SS – BIR

  • Instant GO LIVE, within a day
  • Ready connectivity with multitude of data structures
  • Integration and easy data co-relations from multiple sources, using a powerful visual mapping tool
  • Powerful visualization tool providing data discovery and ad-hoc reporting
  • Automatic In-Memory ROLAP Cubes for high performance reporting
  • Collaborate data insights between users

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