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Analyzing Sales and Operational Data, Improving Suppliers collaborations

Senheng Electronics from Malaysia is using BIRetail to analyze sales and operational data across its 160 stores in South East Asia. BIRetail is being utilized by BI users throughout the organization for detailed insights into Merchandising, Sales, Store Operation, Supply chain and Inventory data .

In addition, Senheng Electronics has enabled its suppliers to collaborate and view sales, Order and Inventory Data for their specific product lines through a BIRetail Mobile Dashboard for the Demand Signal and Supply chain efficiency.

Gaining Valuable Insight Into Retail Sales Trends, Inventory Performance Using Retail Ready Analytical Reports & Dashboards

Victorinox Swiss Army India uses BIRetail for reporting and analysis of Retail & Distribution data and marketing campaigns.

With BIRetail, Victorinox users gain valuable insight into critical data to enhance its marketing programs and better serve its customers base and empowered their end users to drill down the granular level that helps them to make the right decisions, quickly.

Using the Full Power of
BIRetail Ready Analytical Reports & Dashboards for Merchandising, Sales, Inventory & Operations

Gini & Jony uses the full power of BIRetail ready Analytical Reports to manage inventory, Sales, improve margins, review Inventory visibility for the style, and identify sales opportunities across its 600 stores.

Gini & Jony also uses BIRetail to track millions of store items against transaction records to assist in the management of stock levels, Sell through% and Stock Turn at its stores. In addition, BIRetail helped Gini & Jony reduce operational costs and reducing the ‘shelf life’ of the product.

Driving Sales & Store Analytics at a leading Indian Supermarket Chain

Replaced with SAP BI, Nilgiris uses BIRetail for their 6TB PoS Data to analyze the Region, Franchisee, Store Sales and monitor the Category & Merchandise performance.

BIRetail Sales Analysis enables them to continuously monitor PoS data to uncover sales trends, track product demand, and optimize merchandising strategies.  10 Key Reports are scheduled with Exception to multiple levels of analysis allow store manager, area and Franchisee to make sense of the growing volume of transactional data by identifying trends and opportunities.  In addition, BIRetail Item Affinity & market basket analysis enables store-level managers, merchandisers to quickly understand which product pairings, promotions, customers, and vendors are most profitable.


BIRetail scored the highest in Domain Expertise in Retail Analytics amongst all the BI Vendors, and our usage of BIRetail over 5 years justifies our choice of BIRetail.
M.K. Niyas
MK Retail Supermarkets, India
BIRetail had everything that we needed – Tried & Tested product, Customizable, Affordability and immense business value.
Manu Chatlani
Favourite Shop
I was not looking at a technical solution, but one that adds ultimate business value to the organization. That’s drove my choice of BIRetail.
Anupam Bansal
Liberty Shoes
Being a Retail-ready product, BIRetail had a lean implementation cycle. The cloud-based subscription model provides a great OPEX option instead of upfront monetary commitments.
Rahul Singh
Golfworx Ventures

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