BIRetail empowers retailers to make quicker and informed decisions, through inferences of their own data.

Spar India Awarded The Best BI Implementation

Spar India Awarded The Best BI Implementation

Spar India awarded the best BI Implementation for BIRetail at the BW-CIO Annual Award 2016:

Cloud-based retail BI suite BIRetail, helped Spar India to boost efficiency across departments, resulting in quantifiable business benefits such as:

  • Increased revenue as a result of intelligent Store Mix.
  • Higher Profitability through dynamic Pricing Optimization.
  • Enhanced Customer Retention via smart Customer Repeat Cycles.
  • Reduced Loss of Sale due to Stock Outs.
  • Better supply chain through Supplier Scorecarding.

BIRetail provides proprietary KPIs that provided pivotal insights to the health and functioning of various facets of the business. Further, it provides a library of retail-specific reports, dashboards and specific use cases that bring business benefits to the customer.

Sunil Nair
‘– Head Technology & Business Solutions – SPAR’

“Right from the offset, we wanted to have a business solution and not a technology platform. This is why we embraced BIRetail, a solution which is built specifically for the retail vertical. BIRetail has a well-architected Data Integration stack which has a comprehensive semantic of the data elements in a retail business.”

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